Wednesday 27th January, 2021

Walks Programme & Information

Changes to Programme

The club puts in a lot of work to provide a varied programme of walks for it's members. Sometimes though, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to amend, substitute or cancel a walk at short notice.

Meeting Place

Please note that we are currently not meeting at UHI car park. Walkers registered with the leader should go directly to the starting point of the walk.

Health and Safety Guidance For Walkers

Walking is generally a very safe activity, but mishaps cannot always be forseen or prevented. Each member of the group is responsible for their own safety.

The walk leader will carry a basic first aid kit, but will not necessarily have a first aid qualification. The Club has third-party insurance: this is not personal accident insurance. Any walker who requires personal accident insurance should make their own arrangements.

Responsibilities For Those On Club Walks

The following documents give the responsibilities for those attending a club walk, along with those organising and helping on walks. Please read these and familiarise yourself with the responsibilities. (These documents can be found in the 'Info' area of the club website, in the 'GGWC Club Documents' section).

Responsibilities Of All Walkers

Responsibilities Of The Walk Leader

Responsibilities Of The Back Marker

Walk Gradings

The key to grades of walks shown on our walk programme is as follows:-

AHill walking with ascent over 1500 feet, or lower level walks over 15 miles.
B+Greater than B but less than A.
BLesser hill up to 1500ft or moorland walks, or low level walks between 11 - 14 miles.
C+Greater than C but less than B.
CLow level walking 6 - 10 miles, possibly including some minor ascents up to 1000ft.
DUp to 6 miles, and all evening walks.

It should be noted that 'C' walks are not short or half day 'A' or 'B' walks. They are provided so that the club can meet its objective of catering for all ages and walking strengths.


Members are asked to ensure that they are fit for all walks they intend to undertake. Be aware that if you are unfit, you risk your own safety and that of others on the walk.

All routes are pre-walked by the Walk Leader prior to the club outing. This allows them to check for any circumstances that may require a change in the route or itinerary, for example due to weather conditions. However, members are expected to take care of their own SAFETY as no liability can be accepted by the Club. Members and prospective members are expected to follow the rules of the Club.


The following equipment is recommended:-

If you come ill prepared or ill-suited for the expected conditions, the leader may advise you not to participate. If you choose to disregard this advice it will be at your own risk. Neither the club nor the leader can accept responsibility for the consequences.


No dogs are allowed on any club walks, with the exception of Registered Assistance Dogs.

** Group Walks During The Covid 19 Pandemic **

Walks Programme

Jan 2021 - Due to the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and in line with Scottish Government requirements, the current walks programme has been suspended until further notice.