Monday 27th September, 2021

Gaelic Map Terms

Have you ever wondered what the Gaeilc words on your map actually mean? If so then hopefully this page will help. The maps of Scotland are covered with hundreds of examples from the ancient language, and if you take the time to translate them, they can reveal a whole lot more about the landscape.

For example, the name Tomnahurich (an area to the west of Inverness) comes from the Gaelic name Tom na h-iubbraich. When translated this gives us 'hillock of the yew trees'. Similarly, the mountain to the east of Fort William, Stob Choire na Gaibhre, can be read as 'Peak by the corrie of the goats', perhaps indicating a area used for shelter by the local wildlife.

There are many more examples and it can prove fascinating finding out the various meanings as you plan your next outing.

The lists on this page should help with a good number of the common terms found on the maps of Scotland. There can be variations on some spellings and we've tried to include these where possible. It is worth saying though that the list is not comprehensive.

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